Invest in your health

What better investment than in your lasting health and happiness? I believe we can prevent and sometimes even reverse dis-ease, before it becomes disease. My programmes are customised and tailored to your own unique body and lifestyle. In my programmse we might change the way you eat, you exercise, you rest, you engage in relationships so you know how to make your healthy changes sustainable. Although this might seem overwhelming, I will make sure it will never be. I believe in gradual change for it to truly be sustainable. That is why I don't offer one-off sessions beyond my extensive health history intake. I offer my functional health coaching in three different customised baskets.

What you can expect from my coaching

We will start with an initial health history intake to find out what basket would suit your health question best. Then we will meet one-on-one twice a month for about 50 minutes per session. After each session I send you detailed follow-up notes and informative hand-outs to make it easy to attain your health goals. In between sessions I will offer you support via WhatsApp and celebrate your progress. My coaching sessions can either be in person in Nijmegen, the Netherlands or via Skype. No matter where you are in the world, I would love to partner in your health-care with you! I coach in English and Dutch, but understand French, Spanish, Italian and German as well.

Basic Basket Balance Basket Beyond Basket
  • Health history intake of 75 minutes
  • 8 coaching sessions of 50 minutes
  • 4-month programme
  • Health coaching and accountability partnering during 2 seasons and potentially some holidays
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions
  • Articles, books, etc. relevant for you
  • Investment:
  • €845 (private)
  • €1097 (corporate)
  • Health history intake of 75 minutes
  • 12 coaching sessions of 50 minutes
  • 6-month programme
  • Health coaching and accountability partnering during 3 seasons and various holidays
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions
  • Articles, books, etc. relevant for you
  • Investment:
  • €1145 (private)
  • €1469 (corporate)
  • Health history intake of 75 minutes
  • 18 coaching sessions of 50 minutes
  • 9-month programme
  • Health coaching and accountability partnering while birthing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
  • WhatsApp support in between sessions
  • Articles, books, etc. relevant for you
  • Investment:
  • €1565 (private)
  • €1949 (corporate)

If we were to discover during our discovery call that unfortunately we are not the ideal match for one another, I will charge you €125 (private) or €149 (corporate).

Happy client stories
Cindy truly changed my vision not only on my state of physical health but on all other dimensions of my being, including self love. When working with Cindy, you can expect to deal with a person who’s both incredibly knowledgeable about holistic wellness and applied functional medicine, and extremely empathic, warm and present. Cindy is extremely centred and wise. Her light shines through her words and suggestions and most of the time just through her presence. She knows how to listen: she’s genuinely interested in what you say, and I always feel valued,  appreciated and understood when I speak to her. Regardless the progress of the wellness programme, Cindy sees me through my flaws and imperfections as I am, she sees my true self, and she helped me identify myself with that place of love that is within me. Cindy has never judged me for making wrong decisions, nor has ever made me feel guilty when I didn’t achieve the goals I set for myself. She always brings compassion in our sessions and motivates me to move forward, bringing kind attention to my new intention. Cindy is one of a kind, I have never met a genuine soul like her, I feel so grateful and blessed of being able to have her in my life and I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for direction in their health and other areas of their lives to work with her.

Anna - Berlin, Germany

My top goals were to establish a healthy eating lifestyle, quit smoking, have a normal digestion and to feel energetic. The revisit forms were helpful to stay on track with my goals. By keeping track of my progress and challenges, I was able to find ways to accomplish my goals. Cindy made sure to schedule our sessions ahead of time. The biggest change I have noticed since the start of the programme is daily increased dose of vegetables and the most significant change overall is feeling good about myself, feeling confident, energised and healthy! I would describe Cindy as intelligent and passionate, with a great personality, easy to talk to and she really knows how to engage and motivate her clients. She’s an inspiring woman! It has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who would like to start a healthier lifestyle.

Helinde - Arnhem, Netherlands

Mis principales objetivos al comenzar el programa de 6 meses fueron el reflujo que he padecido se me ha reducido considerablemente dejando de utilizar aceite y comidas condimentadas, animicamente me he sentido mucho mejor conmigo mismo, mas alegre y sobre todo entusiasmada de poder lograr objetivos reales y tangibles en mi vida. Este proceso no solo es para comer mas saludable sino lograr tener un mejor equlibrio emocional mente y cuerpo. Cindy es una persona sumamente paciente, orientada a objetivos y sobre todo altamente efectiva en los resultados. Es muy conocedora de su profesión, equilibrada y una profecional que no encasilla las soluciones sino que genera confianza y compromiso en la persona. La recomendaria a mis amigos y familia ya que es una persona que te motiva y ayuda a cambiar tus habitos alimenticios los cuales te permiten llevar una mejor calidad de vida de forma mas saludable.

Kenia - San Salvador, El Salvador